About Aligned and Well

Created by biomechanist, Katy Bowman, the Aligned and Well program comprises of motor-skills that serve as indicators to healthy muscle activity. The Biomechanical Model of Preventative Medicine is based on physics, physiology, anatomy, and engineering and simply states that all-over muscle use is a requirement of human health and is not optional. Many common, expensive ailments are a result of poor motor skills and can be corrected through diligent practice of simple movements. Because most medical and health practitioners are not physicists or engineers, the mechanical contribution to disease has been mainly over-looked in medical research as a cause of foot issues, bone density, cardio-vascular disease, and joint degeneration. Yet any engineer will recognize that HOW a machine is used will dictate HOW the machine wears down.

About Katy

Analyzing human movement (biomechanics) was typically reserved for athletes and special populations, until biomechanical scientist Katy Bowman decided to apply these same engineering principles to the every-day use of the HUMAN MACHINE for the purpose of reducing common disease.

Initially starting her college career as a mathematician turned physicist, she grew bored with theoretical problems of point masses and strings. Combining her love for anatomy and physiology with her strong engineering background, Katy completed her undergraduate degree in Biomechanics and Kinesiology and began work designing safe exercise programs for injured or post-rehab patients seeking to re-establish a higher level of activity.

After working in the field for four years, Bowman, with physics and engineering skills aiding her, observed that specific gait patterns and anthropometric dimensions were similar in people with similar degeneration patterns. Wanting to study more, Katy returned to her biomechanical studies at a graduate level. In addition to large skeletal movements, she began to study micro-biomechanics: The physics of blood flow in the cardiovascular system, the relationship between neurological function and cellular health, and the role of the pelvic floor muscles in supporting organ positioning and function.

While completing her Master’s program, Katy opened her first “restorative exercise” studio – a facility dedicated to the ABCs of movement. While many people enjoy regular fitness habits, most do so with poor gait patterns and low, all-over muscle use. This studio provided little-known information on how to increase body awareness and performance and quickly developed a large reputation for aiding many in pain reduction, increased bone density, and increased metabolic health.

Growing out of the original space, and then rapidly out-growing a second facility, the Restorative Exercise Institute moved to its current home as Katy released the first three of her corrective exercise programs nationally in partnership with Gaiam, Inc. National recognition, speaking engagements, and television support rapidly created a demand for more BIOMECHANICS!

Katy currently directs the Restorative Exercise Institute, supports the release of her second DVD series – Aligned and Well™, serves as scientific advisor to various health and wellness products, and is currently on tour supporting the release of her first book, Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief: The New Science of Healthy Feet. You will also catch her, on a regular basis, dropping into class to do her favorite thing of all – teach biomechanics!